• Redeadhunter

    Stal Wiki focuses mainly on the Undead of the Legend of Zelda series. Okay then, but doesn't that guaruntee us to be a perpetually miniscule wiki? I mean, we have more users than articles here! I think that we become a Wiki about all the undead of the gaming industry! I know it's called Stal Wiki and stal do not exist in the Resident Evil series. But hey, come on, Bulbapedia doesn't focus on just Bulbasaur or even just Grass type Pokemon! They look at the entire Pokemon series! The Undead of Zelda will still have their place here, I'll try to make sure we don't look into the work of George Romero too much. Admins/Beaurocrats, all I, your loyal Rollbacker Redeadhunter ask is you give it some thought

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